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California Timeshare Tour Promotions

An inventive way to save on your California vacation or weekend getaway expense is by participating in a timeshare promotional tour offer. Typically, this means attending an informational presentation for which you’ll be rewarded in some way.

Palm Springs Tramway carThe presentation is designed to introduce you to a timeshare opportunity and, of course, it’s ultimately an attempt to induce you to purchase a timeshare fractional vacation opportunity.

The reward usually comes in the form of reduced accommodation pricing and/or free tickets to nearby activities. Meals, cash and/or a chance to win other prizes are also sometimes used to “sweeten the pot” and encourage you to make a timeshare tour part of your California vacation.

In other words, there are companies willing to compensate you for spending some of your valuable vacation time learning about an alternative for future vacations. This makes sense for some folks, as the rewards can have a significant monetary value. They also may have a genuine desire to learn about the timeshare vacation alternative. Other people view a timeshare tour as intruding into and interrupting their precious vacation relaxation time, or they may be fearful of the process, thinking they’ll encounter a high-pressure sales person who will talk them into an unwise purchase.

Speaking from personal experience, both positions are valid. You should definitely consider your interest, budget, time constraints, sales process comfort level, etc., and factor them into the decision equation if and when you entertain employing this tactic. Also, not all timeshare presentation companies are alike, and you may want to do a little research online to try to determine if the one you’re considering falls into the “hard-sell” or even the “downright obnoxious” category.

Obviously, there are conflicting opinions about the value of a timeshare, as well. If you’re considering spending your vacation dollars on this sort of fractional opportunity, you’ll probably want to investigate the resale market, too, and see what people trying to sell timeshares or fractional vacations have to say about the experience. There’s no shortage of information online, of course, and you should always invest time to conduct proper due diligence when making a significant purchase.

There are various qualifications you must meet in order to qualify for timeshare presentation rewards. Typically, current employment is required, and there’s usually a minimum household income level you must meet. Your spouse or significant-other must also participate in the presentation. Always ensure that you know and comply with all the requirements. Some of the negative comments you might read online seem to be from folks who’ve skipped the “know and comply” step.

Here are a few links to timeshare tour promotional offers in various California vacation destinations to get you started:

Southern California / San Diego North County Timeshare Tour Vacation – This offer presents in Escondido in San Diego’s North County, home to the San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park. Legoland in Carlsbad is nearby, and there are also some absolutely awesome beaches in the area! San Diego-proper is about 45 minutes south, while Disneyland in Anaheim is just a bit over that to the north. This is a great home base from which to enjoy all Southern California has to offer!

Palm Springs Timeshare Tour Vacation – The rich and famous have longed enjoyed the oasis of Palm Springs with its outstanding golf, shopping and spa vacation opportunities (plus, Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Parks are nearby), and this might be a good place to base your fun adventures in the area.

Lake Tahoe Timeshare Tour Rewards Program – Perks in the awesome Sierra Nevada Mountains – what’s not to love?

The California Tourist Guide does not endorse any of the companies linked above nor does it receive any compensation for sharing this information. Only you can evaluate whether attending a timeshare presentation serves your California vacation needs.

If you’d like to enjoy the additional comforts a timeshare vacation often affords — like additional space and a kitchen, great additions to vacation accommodations, in our opinion, especially when traveling as a family — but you aren’t interested in the timeshare presentation experience, you should consider a vacation rental option like VRBO or Airbnb, instead.

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