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Depending upon the circumstances of your California vacation

* whether you are traveling with a large group of family or friends;

* whether you plan to stay in one general area for your entire vacation; and/or

* whether it might be more economical or comfortable for you and your traveling companions…

you may want to consider renting a home/condo instead of arranging hotel accommodations. All the popular California vacation destinations have this lodging resource available, but it’s best to plan in advance as much as possible when you want to pursue it. The availability of California vacation rentals is not as infinite as it is for hotel rooms, and if you are traveling with a large group for a special event – a wedding or family reunion, for example – you’ll want to have your “first choice” available.

California Vacation Rentals – San Clemente Pier

If you’ve never explored this lodging option, you may be surprised at all it can offer. Some vacation homes are beachfront and some have pools. Some have fabulous gourmet kitchens and others offer an optional personal chef. Some are massive with multiple bedrooms and baths, while others are more estate-like, offering a large, main home and several smaller guest homes all on the same property.

While there are large, luxurious homes available for group gatherings, the California vacation rentals market also includes a vast selection of smaller homes and condominiums, many of which are near beaches and/or include a water feature like a hot tub. Even if your group is not particularly large – a couple of adults and a few children, for example – this can be a wonderful alternative to trying to fit everyone into a hotel room. And, not only is this lodging option often more comfortable, when you consider the money that can be saved by eating some or all your meals at home, it is often more economical, as well.

Photo of San Clemente Pier vacation rental condos by Dominus Vobiscum via flickr (Creative Commons).

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